Values trustworthness and thankful applied to From The Diary Of Samuel Pepys.

 First of all we must be clear about the meaning of these two values. Trustworthiness that consists in the ability to be relied on as honest and truthful.
Thankful consists in expressing gratitude and relief.
At the beginning of the story I didn’t see the presence of these two values even in the characters because it starts talking about the coronation of the king and all the things that he had and for me that is very individualistic because it only talks about him. But later I could see one of the values in the story  when Pepys was thankful because he could be in the coronation of the king Charles II  and see how was it, what happened there so he really enjoy that time and was a great moment.
Later a tragedy happens and appears another two values that are compassion and trustworthiness because all the people that live in the town help each other to get out of this problem. But this value wasn’t present all the time because then appears Pepys and he didn’t help anyone because he was fine without problems.
We all can infer that Pepys is sometimes a thankful man although he doesn’t say it through his acts we can realize it and there are two examples that are showed in the story. When he refers to his wife, he always is happy by having her by his side no matter all the other relationships that he has because she supports him in any situation or problem and also she prepares the food that he likes. As well he is very thankful for all the things that he has in his house, talking about the material stuff.
 For these reasons I thing that the value that is most represented in the story is being thankful.


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