Values patience and caring applied to The Lady Of Shalott.
First of all to understand this story we need to have clear and know the meaning of these values.                                                                     
Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becomming annoyed or anxious.
Caring is displaying kindness and concern for others.  
This story is about the lady of Shalott  that is trapped in a tower that is located in Camelot for a long time, so here is were the value patience takes place because she stayed there all day and all night without doing anything but also she had a curse which consisted in not being able to see through the window because she will die so it was very uncomfortable because first she was alone in that place and second she couldn´t admire how pretty was that city or also she cannot see anyone, but instead of this critical situation she was a warrior and knew how to control herself overcoming the desire of looking out of the window. The only way she could look at Camelot was through a mirror because it was an object and not the eyes directly.  
She fell in love with a man that is called sr Lancelot but he didn´t show the same feeling to her instead she tried to do everything to get closer to him but nothing happened. So this is also a demostration of patience because although he did not like her she doesn´t give up for obtain his love. One day she got very stressed and bored so she decided to leave the tower where she was trapped and also to break the curse no matter what so she looked all the things that were on the other side and took a boat, then she crossed the river to see sr. Lancelot but i think that the other  value that is caring wasn´t present in this part because you can´t place another person above you and more when this person does not take you into account, that´s for me a way to lose your dignity. Later during the trip between Camelot while she was dying sr. Lancelot saw her and saw what she did and all the risks she took only for see him, he began to change the way he saw her and in that moment he began to love her, started to caring her and appreciate all her beauty but it was too late because by the curse she had she died. So all what she fight for now were without sense because she ended dead and couldn´t see that sr. Lancelot finished in love with her and finally saw her beauty and decided to take care of her during his whole life.
Well in conclusion we can see that both values caring and patience were presented in the lady of shalott and have relationship with every thing that showed up in the story and also with every thing that the characters did in this story.


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