Values fairness and justice applied to A Modest Proposal.
First we must understand the meaning of these two values. Fairness is the quality of making judgments that are free from discrimination. Justice is the quality of being impartial and fair but also is an action that is morally right and fair. These values are actually very similar but the difference between them is that fairness is about having a proper perspective and justice is about having the right thing done. At the beginning I see these two values reflected but during the story the values are lost. There is a town that is full of rich people but also there are a lot of poor people so Jonathan Swift seeing all the problems that were in this town he created a proposal or a plan to eradicate overpopulation and poverty and also for bring equality and fairness to the town. This plan consists in selling the children of the poor people since they turn one year old and they will be the food of the rich people. In my personal opinion …


Values trustworthness and thankful applied to From The Diary Of Samuel Pepys.

First of all we must be clear about the meaning of these two values. Trustworthiness that consists in the ability to be relied on as honest and truthful. Thankful consists in expressing gratitude and relief. At the beginning of the story I didn’t see the presence of these two values even in the characters because it starts talking about the coronation of the king and all the things that he had and for me that is very individualistic because it only talks about him. But later I could see one of the values in the storywhen Pepys was thankful because he could be in the coronation of the king Charles II and see how was it, what happened there so he really enjoy that time and was a great moment. Later a tragedy happens and appears another two values that are compassion and trustworthiness because all the people that live in the town help each other to get out of this problem. But this value wasn’t present all the tim…


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The faceless woman...

This legend is about a woman that was kidnapped by five men for one year. In this year they took advantage of her and mistreated her, used her, raped her and forced her to do things that she didn´t want to do like killing people, doing heavy jobs. She couldn’t sleep at night because she was very scared of everything she was living in the woods, between these five bad men and between all of the weird animals that appeared in the dark. She couldn’t stop thinking about her family, asking questions like if they really miss her or if they are looking many ways to rescue her or they are not and all of these questions made her very sad so she began to cry.They didn’t provide her the food she needed to be satisfied so she was very weak and wasn’t able to defend herself. One day she took a knife and tried to hurt one of the men but because she didn’t have de necessary strength the man could stop her. Obviously the man was going to take revenge so he took the woman and star…


Colombia is a democratic country and it´s form of government is presidential, it is a republic that is organized by 32 decentralized departments and has 1118 cities, it´s capital  is Bogota.
Colombia shares a border to the northwest with Panama, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil and to the south with Ecuador and Peru. This country is very pacific compared with other countries because it doesn´t have like enemy countries that can harm it like the United states, Russia, China or Syria. But also inside of the country there are many people that commit illegal acts that harm other people, like the FARC or other guerrilla groups. In the economical aspect Colombia is not a very developed country like others and that is related to the corruption that exists in this country.                                                                                                                                                    
Colombia is a country very rich in …


My name is Valentina Henriquez Sandoval, i am 16 years old, i was born in Barranquilla Colombia on September 15 / 2001. I live with my parents and with the housekepper, my father´s name is Juan Carlos Henriquez and my mother´s name is Ledys Sandoval. I am an only child but I have 3 cousins that live next to me so they are my brothers. Also from my dad I am the only girl, granddaughter and niece so that’s why they are very affectionate with me. I like to travel but not only with my parents, I like to travel with the whole family because my family is very funny so together we can create a lot of memories. I like to hang out with all my friends because I love them so much, I like to watch series on netflix. I am an extroverted person if I like the person, if I don’t like I am rude. Must of the time i am happy I don’t like to be sad so I try to laugh or smile always. I like the babies and my biggest dream is to be mom.
I really try to enjoy the life and to see the positive side of things, so…


Rejection can be defined as the act of pushing someone or something away, the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.  Some companies say or believe that the core temperament that all successfull leaders need to have is the desire to win, and this is something that many women lack. Also men are strongly dominant and competitive beings and this is the top reason why they are more anxious to seek power and leadership roles. Also men by nature enjoy their own company and building things while women are more likely to be sociable and into relationships. Men are characterized by obtaining results through authority, rationality, power and  strength. By using arguments, they inspired or make known the numbers, the winning and competing and also the motivation and rewards.  While women are characterized by obtaining her results through intuition, creativity and emocionality. They usually inspire from simplicity, example, humility, aff…