Earth is the only astronomical object known to harbor life so that´s why we all have to protect it and not doing things that can harm it or when people do not agree they can fix it with a good communication without going to extremes such as wars or death because that’s where the virtues come in to make people reflect on what they should and should not do, but all this is also based on the education of each person and this is given at home. 
A virtue is a trait or quality that is deemed to be morally good. Personal values are characteristics valued as promoting collective and individual greatness.
Virtues are very important for the society to be able to bring all things in peace or a least live in harmony, also they are very important because they allow people handle any problem or situation that the life throws up in an excellent manner by selecting the appropriate combination of virtues to apply to their actions and avoiding any vice driven action.
There are two types of virtues that exist in the world and there are the moral that consist in any positive personal qualities that lead a person to lead a life characterized by self-control, altruism and good acts and the other one is the theological that consist in virtues associated in Christian theology and philosophy with salvation resulting from the grace of God.
There are many important virtues that we have to take into account for our life because they make us better people, they make us aware of many aspects like taking care of our planet, respecting the different opinions of the others, not criticizing others because of their skin type, their economic status, their religion, their way of thinking, their gender or many other things that they decide to alter the peace. Nowadays there are a lot of people that have forgotten the importance of virtues in the human life and this is why there is many violence, misunderstandings, hate, homicides, kidnappings, rapes, confrontations in this world.
Also not only these people are responsible of hurting and harming other people but also the animals, the environment and the planet and it is not fair to damage our planet for no reason. Because of this there are many consequences that are being presented like the climate change, air pollution, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, deforestation,
water pollution and waste production. If the people do not begin to become aware and respect and value the earth the things that grow out of the ground would be gone like cows, pigs, fish or basically all of our animals would be gone so we would have absolutely no food or water left because the water would be all green and not only we will have lost this but everything for which many people have fought and made an effort to improve the world and we are talking about the people who really are clear about the virtues and the importance of caring and the respect for others because it is true that not only exist people who do evil but also there are the people who do the good things and thanks to them is that the world is still standing. Perhaps many people think that the virtues are not related to the environment but the truth is that they are very related because those who live in the environment are those who have these virtues so we all have to take care of what is inside of us to be able to give the best to our planet.



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