Values fairness and justice applied to A Modest Proposal.

First we must understand the meaning of these two values. Fairness is the quality of making judgments that are free from discrimination. Justice is the quality of being impartial and fair but also is an action that is morally right and fair.
These values are actually very similar but the difference between them is that fairness is about having a proper perspective and justice is about having the right thing done.
At the beginning I see these two values reflected but during the story the values are lost. There is a town that is full of rich people but also there are a lot of poor people so Jonathan Swift seeing all the problems that were in this town he created a proposal or a plan to eradicate overpopulation and poverty and also for bring equality and fairness to the town.
This plan consists in selling the children of the poor people since they turn one year old and they will be the food of the rich people.
In my personal opinion I think that there are many other alternatives to maybe obtain money or to eradicate the overpopulation and poverty instead of killing babies so at this part of the story all of the values are lost because is not fair that even the poor people don’t have like the resources for have a good life or satisfy their needs now they have to give and sell their kids for please the hungry of the rich people that already have all want they want so that is a case of injustice.
I also think that maybe Jonathan suggest this proposal because he never had a child, also he doesn’t have a family so he is not conscious of how horrible is to lose a son.
As I said before at the beginning of the story I saw the values because of the intention of Jonathan Swift to fix the economy and to provide equality to the town but later I could realize that the things weren’t very pleasant because they had a dark part and too many acts were committed that were not what represent justice or fairness. So I can conclude that in this story we cannot find any of the values presented because of the actions that are showed by the characters is obvious notice that all is the opposite.


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