The faceless woman...

This legend is about a woman that was kidnapped by five men for one year. In this year they took advantage of her and mistreated her, used her, raped her and forced her to do things that she didn´t want to do like killing people, doing heavy jobs. She couldn’t sleep at night because she was very scared of everything she was living in the woods, between these five bad men and between all of the weird animals that appeared in the dark. She couldn’t stop thinking about her family, asking questions like if they really miss her or if they are looking many ways to rescue her or they are not and all of these questions made her very sad so she began to cry.  They didn’t provide her the food she needed to be satisfied so she was very weak and wasn’t able to defend herself. One day she took a knife and tried to hurt one of the men but because she didn’t have de necessary strength the man could stop her. Obviously the man was going to take revenge so he took the woman and started to disfigure her face taking out her eyes, her nose, her tongue and all of her teeth until he could kill her. It is said that in the night when all is in silence the woman appears as a spirit who seeks for revenge and when she feels the presence of any man in the woods she catches him and disfigures his face thinking that he could be one of those who kidnapped her.


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