Essay #1


Is the process in which the people can learn how to speak, how to write and also how to behave themselves or self-regulate. Some educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training and directed research.

Nowadays exist many opportunities in which the kids can study by several methods, there are private schools, that are also known as independent schools, non-governmental or nonstate schools. In these schools they have to pay.
In case the parents don´t have the resources to pay a private school they can matriculate their kids in a public school, that is a state school, no-fee school. Some cons of the public schools are that sometimes the state does not pay at the time or does not pay enough so many teachers are in disagree so they stop working and that is called “The Paro” and obviously it is a disadvantage for all the students.

Education can not only be promoted by schools because as we all know the first education comes from home, so any people can not be exempted to study.


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