The process of democratic elections in Colombia.

Democracy is a system of government in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a governing body. Also democracy consists in some elements like: a political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections, the active participation of the people, the protection of the human rights of all citizens.

Two weeks ago, in Colombia was the election consultation period were all the people have the privilege to vote for their best president representative that occurs every  four years. Also that day was the election of the senators and representatives to the camera for a period to the next four years. These people are going to be the ones that will make up the new Congress of Colombia and they are going to be the ones who will accompany to govern the new president who will be elected on May 28.
Voting is not an obligation, some people don´t like to vote or are not agree with the candidates that the government is giving, so they use the blank vote. The blank vote consists in one of the options that all elections of a country do, it is used when none of the options are usually adequate.

That day it happen a disagreement between the citizens and the voting jury because the government chose a bad way to show who the representatives were because they made some cards that only presented one candidate and all the people there got very mad and were saying that the government was unfair because it was like the jury was forcing the citizens to choose only one candidate would like or not. That´s why many people says that Colombia is a corrupt country because the governmet do things that let the others talk. A lot of people around the world comment that Colombia is a corrupt country in the period of elections because at the time to count all the votes they change the results for they benefit, because obviously they don´t want to lose all the power, all the money that they earn doing all their weird business , and leave the presidency in the hands of anyone.

In my own opinion Colombia has made many mistakes in the period of elections and if the government says that Colombia is a democratic country, it has no sense that in politics topics there are so many contradictions.
In a true democratic country there must be transparency and organization in the time to do the decitions. In Colombia and in all the countries of the world in the time of elections there are big organizations that takes part of the control like the ONU (united nations) that focuses on verifying that everything is happening in the best way. Also the ONU  explain that this obstacle was only a National Registry Of Colombia error and not a fact to favor a certain candidate. Finally we can say that it was just an error and i hope that Colombia will be a better democratic country with a real justice. 


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