Essay #4


I think that christmas must be celebrated as a religious way because that is the meaning of christmas. Is the birth of Jesus Christ, the day that the Lord came to save us, so it must be celebrated in that way and also the people has to respect it.

Christmas commemorates the birth of a baby, an event recorded in the Bible in such new testament passages as Luke 2: 1-20 and prophesied about in old testament passages such as Isaiah 7:14 the name given to this baby was Jesus. During christmas time, many churches display nativity scenes. These exhibits show the newborn Jesus in a stable surrounded by various animals, shepherds, and Mary and Joseph. Such nativity scenes traditionally have also been displayed in public places like shopping centers, public schools parks, in much of our world.
Obviously nowadays christmas has it’s social side, because at this time by the technologies all the people can be informed about any topic, also when you are growing up you know what is christmas because for the kids it’s the time to receive gifts and also shared with the family so christmas is not a secret for any person in this world.Christmas has many aspects for all the people because everyone is different, it can be a commercial date, a religious day, a happy month, an ugly day. Everyone assume that day how they want, there are several religions that doesn’t celebrate christmas as a religious day because they don’t believe in God or they don’t practice this event.

In my opinion this is a time were you can shared with your family and friends, also you can forgive, receive gifts, eat special foods with your hole family, pray to our God for all the blessings that He has given to you.


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