Over past of the years women have created many organizations to help them to fight against the violence. It is said that violence against the women and girls is a problem of pandemic proportions. At least one of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime with the abuser that usually is someone known to her.
Violence against women is divided in many aspects like: rape, domestic violence, sexual harrasment, reproductive coercion, female infanticide, prenatal sex election, obstetric violence and mob violence. Also in different countries exist some traditional practices that also are related with the women violence that are: female genital mutilation, honor killings, dowry violence, marriage by abduction and forced marriage.

Children violence is a global epidemic and an unfortunate daily reality for millions of children of all ages, all genders, all social contexts, and all nationalities. They are beaten, sexually assaulted, tortured, and even killed. This kinds of violence can be founded everywhere, in their homes, schools, institutions, universities, workplaces and communities.
Children are more likely to be exposed to violence and crime than adults. A situation or an experience of violence can lead to lasting mental, emotional and physical harm, whether the child is a direct victim. Those children that are exposed to violence with the time are more likely to suffer serious problems like anxiety or depression, regressive behavior, also to have aggression and conduct problems. In other way related to problems those children while are growing can have academic or cognitive problems and delinquency. All of this problems that the kids can obtain are because by the disrupting of the development of the brain. Some specific brain structures are adversely affected by strees and that can affect executive functions like memory, focusing attention, planning and the impulse control.
There are some laws in the Comprehensive Protection For Women that promise to promote and certify the right of women and little children to live a life without  violence, another law says the suitable conditions to sensitize, prevent, sanction and eradicate discrimination and violence against women in any of its manifestations or kinds. Also any action that implies the violation in all its forms, with or without genital access, of the right of women to decide voluntarily about her sexual or reproductive life, coercion or intimidation.

I think the people that do this horrible things like killing the children, forcing women to have sex without their consent, rape little girls and then kill them, need to be in jail for a long time because is not fair that criminals like them ruin others lives, destroy families, homes and nothing happen to them, they have to take conscience of all the evil they have committed, to suffer what they did. Also the government may implement campaings to teach people about the consequences they would get, make them fall into reason and implement  or remind them some concepts or rules for have a good convivence and prevent more deaths and violations.


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