Rejection can be defined as the act of pushing someone or something away, the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc. 
Some companies say or believe that the core temperament that all successfull leaders need to have is the desire to win, and this is something that many women lack.
Also men are strongly dominant and competitive beings and this is the top reason why they are more anxious to seek power and leadership roles. Also men by nature enjoy their own company and building things while women are more likely to be sociable and into relationships.
Men are characterized by obtaining results through authority, rationality, power and  strength. By using arguments, they inspired or make known the numbers, the winning and competing and also the motivation and rewards. 
While women are characterized by obtaining her results through intuition, creativity and emocionality. They usually inspire from simplicity, example, humility, affection, teamwork and communication. 
Both have different ways of working but something that favors women is that they are multifaceted, because men can only concentrate or focus on a single goal and women can do it naturally. 
One of the most famous causes of women rejection in work is the machismo that consist in the sense of being manly and self reliant, an exaggerated masculinity, an exaggerated or exhilarating sense of power or stenght.
Over the years, there have been many protests to end this terrible thought produced by men because they make women feel inferior, as if they did not matter and their only job in their lives is to serve them and please them in everything. So women don´t have a happy, dignified and satisfaying life because they depend economically on their husbands and the desire to emerge as independent and hardworking women is hampered. 
One example of this action is a rejection letter written in 1938 to a young woman applying for a creative position at Walt Disney serves as a reminder of the casual nature of socially accepted discrimination against female workers. The letter states that ¨women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that work is performed entirely by young men. For this reason girls are not considered for the training school¨ 
I think that any person can work in the preparation of cartoons for the screen because both women and men can do the same things, if only men have the capacity to do that work they can teach women how to do it, but not reject them.
Another example is that a girl was refused in an interview for a job because she was a women. She experienced the fury and disappoinment when she wasn´t offered an interview were she was totally qualified for, simply because she is a women. Also she spent many years working towards her qualifications so she would be eligible for the role of a Deck officer. 
Is not fair that only for being a woman she has lost the opportunity to fulfill her dream which she tried too hard to achieve. Maybe she would be much better in that job than the next man employ that appeared. 
And the last example is of a woman that didn´t get the job because she was black, she was about to obtain a new position but because she was black the company chose someone else who was less qualified for the job. I think that in the country must be a general campaing to teach again values, and some things that are not good for the society like racial discrimination, machismo and labor inequality because everyone has the same possiblities.


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